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 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable   Screen Printing and   Embroidery 

If you are looking for a responsible, sustainable way to purchase your custom apparel, we can help.

We are passionate about sustainability and providing quality screen printing and embroidery services that don’t cost the earth, literally and figuratively. We strive to reduce our environmental footprint whenever possible from 70% of our energy coming from renewable sources to sourcing eco-friendly packaging and garments. We are taking steps towards a greener future.
We consider the impact of all aspects of our business and everything we use to produce screen printing and embroidery for the garment industry. This includes the inks we use and the fabrics we print on all the way through to how our screens are cleaned and even where our power comes from.

Our Factory


Our Factory is committed to using eco-friendly screen printing and embroidery processes. We generate 70 % of our electricity via renewable sources (solar panels on our roof), while all dryers run on LPG gas. Due to it emitting 33 % less CO2 than coal and 12 % less than oil, LPG Gas is recognised as a low carbon alternative fuel. When it is available we use hydrogen gas which is 100% sustainable.

To further minimise our impact on the environment, we have a sophisticated water filtration system that purifies any liquids used in the screen and squeegee cleaning process, before they are released back into drainage systems.


To ensure the best garments for both quality and the environment we only use 100% cotton – often opting for or recommending organic versions when possible.
When a customer does require synthetic products, we will only ever use recycled polyester or items made from recycled plastic bottles.


At our screen printing facility, we use only the most eco-friendly inks available on the market.
The plastisolve inks we use are either specifically designed to contain no filates or they comply with current filate regulations. We also offer a water based ink option for customers who require it.


Our garments are printed and embroidered with sustainable materials, while our packaging takes it one step further – we use recycled plastic bags or completely eco-friendly bamboo carriers.
So not only do you get amazing products that look great, but they’re also reducing their impact on the environment!

Ethical screen printing and ethical embroidery

We take our commitment to sustainability seriously, and that goes beyond eco-friendly practices.
Our attention also turns towards ethical sourcing. When it comes to screen printing or embroidery garment production; we only work with suppliers certified under the ‘Fairtrade’ or ‘Wrap’ labels so you can be sure of a high quality product made ethically every time!

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