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 Custom Embroidered Shirts,   Clothing & Workwear 

Dandis is here to help you bring your logos and designs to life. Our state-of-the-art machinery and expert production team will make sure every piece looks perfect. We can create beautiful embroidered pieces for clothing brands, band merchandise, uniforms, promotional items and more. Our production process ensures that all of the details are just as you want them — from colour selection to thread count.
Show off your logo or design proudly on apparel and accessories! With Dandis’s quality products, no detail gets overlooked – so you’ll always look great! Whether it’s a sophisticated business look or a modern street style statement; get ready to show the world what makes you unique in the coolest way possible with custom embroidery from Dandis.

What is embroidery?

Embroidery involves stitching a design into fabric.
Evidence of hand embroidery dates back thousands of years with machine embroidery becoming common practice in the 19th century. This style of garment decoration produces a high end result and is often chosen for luxury brands as well as hard to screen print items.

Embroidery at Dandis

We have over 38 years of experience in the field of embroidery and design digitising. There really isn’t much we don’t know about applying stitches to your garments.

We run our own digitising suite which utilises the very best in stitching software. Combine this with our skilled embroiders and high quality Tajima embroidery machines and our services leave nothing to be desired.

We have the in-house capabilities to turn your designs into stitches, make any required changes within minutes and embroider the design with every single step being overseen by our expert embroiderers. Plus, we will always run a stitch sample off for your approval before completing the full order.

Many of our competitors do not have the digitising facilities in-house meaning they have to outsource this part of the process. This often leads to poor attention to detail, increased costs and slower design corrections and updates.


Embroidery options

We use a number of different types of backing depending on the item being embroidered. For example, if we are stitching onto thin sportswear we would use a soft but rigid material. This would ensure the embroidery doesn’t pull the shirt out of shape as well eradicating any skin irritation from the design when worn.
If embroidering a heavier weight item, such as a hooded sweatshirt we use a thicker back material which would stop the design sinking into the fabric.

We can even run embroidery on a waterproof jacket! We can apply a waterproofing agent to the design which re-waterproofs the garment in that area.

While these are all things you needn’t worry about, we wanted to share that there’s more to embroidery than just stitching into fabric. For high quality embroidery you want to pick a highly skilled embroiderer – like Dandis!

What else can we embroider?

A huge range of items can be embroidered – t-shirts, sweatshirts, nylon jackets, caps & beanie hats, horse blankets, bed sheets, leather upholstery for vehicles… the list goes on! If it’s fabric, we can probably embroider it!
Most of the embroidery we do is on cotton or polyester garments, including workwear and schoolwear. Embroidery is a very hard wearing fabric branding option and is also very cost effective, even when ordering short or small runs.
Other popular items for embroidery include high end fashion garments such as hoodies and sweatshirts, heavyweight t-shirts and head wear such as caps and knitted beanie hats.
We will always advise on the best weight garment for embroidery which will ensure the
best results for your brand.
Embroidery styles we can produce:
– Applique embroidery
– 3D puff / foam style embroidery
– Raised Satin stitching
– Thread colour blending (only a few companies can achieve this very well)
– Metallic embroidery
– Glow in the dark embroidery
Examples of all these styles can be seen below…
Whether you are a high end art gallery, a school or club, an electrician or plumber or a high street clothing brand we have your embroidery needs covered.