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 Custom Printed Clothing -   T- Shirts, Hoodies & Jackets 

Are you looking for custom clothing to launch or expand your brand or merchandise line?

At Dandis, we offer a wide range of clothing customisation options – from small to large quantities – all delivered with a professional and high-quality service. Our team is highly experienced in producing everything from corporate wear to band merch. We customise products with your design details, logo and designs so you can create apparel that sells.

With our quick order turnaround time, high customer satisfaction, small minimum order quantities and unrivalled attention to detail, we will deliver products you are truly proud of. On top of that, we have sustainable and ethically sourced options so you can minimise any impact on the planet too.

What items can be customised?

We can customise any item of clothing for your brand, apparel or merchandise line.The options include:


Custom t-shirts are an excellent choice for any business, brand, band, label, or club looking to create their own apparel line or uniform. T-shirts are cost effective when compared to other types of apparel products on the market today, making them perfect for promotional events or giveaways too.


Like hoodies and sweatshirts, jackets are another highly profitable item to add to your range. With their durability and high-quality, long-lasting finish, customers are often willing to pay a higher price, allowing you to have a larger mark-up on your item.

Hoodies & sweatshirts

Custom hoodies and sweatshirts are a highly profitable item to add to your range of merchandise. With a selection of basic to premium blanks, and multiple customisation methods available we have an option suitable for every budget. Whether you need custom hoodies for your band or record label, branded hoodies and sweatshirts for your apparel line, customised hoodies for your sports team, uniforms, or just a one-off bespoke design for a special occasion, Dandis is the way to go.


Get your customers repping your brand 24hrs a day. The global sleepwear market was valued at about $9.78 billion in 2020 and is largely untapped by brands. Get your piece of the profit and launch your own range of pyjamas.

Can’t see what you’re looking for?

Reach out to a member of our team.
We can share our full catalogue and help you to source exactly what it is you desire.

What methods of customisation are available for custom clothing?

There are several options available when it comes to customising garments, including adding your logo, text, artwork, embroidery or labels. When it comes to printing these items, we offer a variety of methods including screen printing, digital transfer, and vinyl printing – giving you a range of possibilities for customisation.

What method should you choose to customise your apparel?

The best method for you will depend on your desired outcome. We will assist you through the process and advise on the most suitable method for your project. Simply tell us what you desire, as well as the number of items needed – and we can take it from there.

Why choose Dandis?

Whether it’s just plain branding or something much more detailed and intricate, we can create it.
We use high-quality fabrics, threads, inks and equipment to ensure that no matter the design, it won’t fade away over time. With a wide range of styles, colours, and sizes to choose from, you can find the perfect look for your business or brand. Every garment that leaves our premises is professionally finished so they look great and have maximum durability.

Our team has decades of experience within the fashion industry. When it comes to printing and embroidering clothing, we know what works.